Creative problem solver who uses his skills to craft simply beautiful, elegant and striking interfaces. Ultimately, to create experiences that people love.


Web Apps & Corporate Sites

Design with user-centered approach based on your requirements I find the best solutions to your needs

Mobile App Design

Get your business in the hands of your customers, I design usable and functional apps for iOS & Android devices.

Front-End Development

To breathe life into your product, I design in the browser with HTML(5), CSS(3) and a touch of JavaScript.

I’m Edwin Vroonland, a User Interface Designer from the Netherlands based in Münster, Germany. With a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts and over five years of experience, I tackle a broad variety of disciplines in the process of building functional and usable products for people and brands.

For me User Interface design is the process of taking away a machine works and translating it into a way a person thinks. I see myself as a creative problem solver and use my skills to craft simply beautiful, elegant and striking interfaces. Ultimately, to create experiences that people love. To achieve that I approach design as a multi layered process where I first do my research to find the clients mission and vision to base the story we are going to tell them around.

After that the product design phase is there to work out the required components to meet the intended outcome of the research phase. Function goes over form. Beautiful fonts and shiny images ain’t gonna sell your product. A product can look stunning, but if the interaction isn’t thought thru nobody will use it. Thats why the next is then the UX design & Prototype phase where I think about the microinteractions. What are the UI components and how will people interact with it? How will things move, change and animate? Once these steps are defined they are outlined in a working prototype.

After that is all sorted out it’s time to bring the product to life and design the visual details. Simple, elegant and effective. Design as it should be.



You can't find a solution, until you can spell out what the problem is. What are your goals and what does the user need?

Product Design

This is the phase where we decide what kind of product we are building matching the outcome of research phase.

UX Design & Prototyping

Sketches, wireframes and prototypes will serve as the stable foundation under our product.

UI Design

Visually design each screen which a user interacts with, ensuring that the UI communicates the path we laid out before.


The big day. After development, testing and optimizing your product is ready to go live.

  1. Form meets function.

    Usable and functional products can only be achieved when form met function. It is my task to bring them together.

  2. Clear scope.

    Lets make sure we both know exactly what effort it will require from the both of us to run this marathon from start to finish.

  3. No 9-­5 in my vocabulary.

    As freelancer I am not bound to any time zones or even a desk. My flexibility leads me wherever I need to be.

  4. Communication. Period.

    Communication is a must for a successful collaboration. There’s no way a project would be completed successfully, unless we communicate well.

  5. Quality over quantity.

    This is a one man show, thats why I curated my clients carefully. This allows me to go for that extra mile your project needs.

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